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Clothes for kids for girls to choose

Main image Jeans H&M 0242998002
Jeans H&M
Sizes: 122-128(6-8y)

Main image Leggings H&M 0204920002
Leggings H&M
Sizes: 170(14y)

Main image Trousers Fionina C6273
Trousers Fionina
Sizes: xs

Main image Trousers Artigli A07339
Trousers Artigli
Sizes: 158 (12-13y)
Main image T-shirt S.Oliver 66.605.34.5921.98A9
T-shirt S.Oliver
Sizes: 128 (7-8y)
Main image Slacks with stripes H&M 0737948009
Slacks with stripes H&M
Sizes: 170(14+y)
Main image Shorts Noname 140120201332
Shorts Noname
Sizes: 74
Main image Jumper H&M 260920190955
Jumper H&M
Sizes: 146-152(10-12y)

Main image Overalls S.Oliver 66.605.85.2652.9877
Overalls S.Oliver
Sizes: 164 (13-14 y)

Main image Hoody S.Oliver 66.501.41.5547.0240
Hoody S.Oliver
Sizes: 158-164 (13-14y)

Main image Knit top H&M 0334439002
Knit top H&M
Sizes: 68 (4-6m)
Main image Leggings H&M 0379360034
Leggings H&M
Sizes: 140 (9-10y)
Main image Underpants H&M 0478680002
Underpants H&M
Sizes: 122-128(6-8y)
Main image Knitted dress flared H&M 0562455001
Knitted dress flared H&M
Sizes: 170(14y+)

Main image Suspender Denim Shorts H&M 0345090001
Suspender Denim Shorts H&M
Sizes: 86(12-18m)
Main image Sweatshirt H&M 0112679032
Sweatshirt H&M
Sizes: 74 (6-9m)
Main image Trousers S.Oliver 60.610.75.3190.4894
Trousers S.Oliver
Sizes: 152(11-12y)

Main image Twill skirt with belt H&M 0333851006
Twill skirt with belt H&M
Sizes: 98 (2-3y)
Main image Sweatshirt with print H&M 0575527004
Sweatshirt with print H&M
Sizes: 110-116 (4-6y)

Main image Dress Noname 130920191018
Dress Noname
Sizes: 86(12-18m)
Main image Jeans Name it 13141866
Jeans Name it
Sizes: 92 (1,5-2y)
Main image Jumper H&M 070220191215
Jumper H&M
Sizes: 134-140 (8-10y)
Main image Top H&M 0588330006
Top H&M
Sizes: 158-164 (12-14y)
Main image Top H&M 0588330005_blue
Top H&M
Sizes: 158-164 (12-14y)

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