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Conditions for accepting returns

We guarantee you   high quality   clothes in our store, as well as & nbsp; the absence of fakes   and all kinds of product defects.
In accordance with the laws, we   accept products   for exchange and return in   14 days   from the moment you receive the order.

Arguments for the return or exchange of goods:

  • It did not fit (in color, cut or style, size, etc.)
  • there are defects or damages detected upon purchase

We only accept return items if:

  • You did not use it
  • not thrown away or torn (labels, packaging, etc.)

After returning the goods, you have the full right to choose between:

  • exchange of goods for another. But if at the moment the selected product is not available, you can exchange the product for any other available. The exchange takes place with subsequent recalculation of value.
  • receipt of money in the amount of the order, but with deduction of the cost of delivery for 7 days.

According to the Law we will refund your money   in the amount indicated in the sales receipt.